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A rough estimate would put Gurugram’s horticulture wast,including flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetable peel from parks, household, vegetable mandis, at 400 tonnes approximately. As per an article published by Times of India, this would account for 40% of the 1,000 tonnes of solid waste generated daily. We can assume that other metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi would have comparable figures too.

The article also provides many solutions, including the need for people to understand the potential of the waste that is being thrown away. This can be prevented by source segregation and organic waste management, something that is encouraged by the district horticulture officer. Eco Santulan offers several services, suitable for individuals, as well as housing societies and offices, among others, to help manage solid waste and reduce the garbage that reaches landfills everyday.

Source: TOI, 6th Sept. 2017 By Shubhra Pant.

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