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EcoSantulan Celebrates World Nature Conservation Week!

We promise preservation and judicious use of natural resources throughout this year and many more years to come. Let’s do this for Mother Nature. For this whole week, we shared dos and don’ts related to nature conservation.

The first theme was Reusable Bags vs Plastic Bags. Choose Wisely! Next we talked about the judicious use of natural resources and energy conservation at an individual level, which can ultimately translate have a global impact.

We also discussed responsible travel. Making tourism sustainable means that we, as travelers, need to make an effort to make the most out of our trips, but without disturbing the local inhabitants (plants, animals, or humans!) and not hampering the experience of those who plan to travel to the same place in the future. Like they say, 'Leave only footprints behind and take away only memories!'

Lastly, we emphasized the need for every household to segregate their waste. Separating biodegradable wet waste from dry waste makes it much more feasible for ragpickers and recyclers to convert trash into useful materials. Wet waste can be converted into compost for your flower pots or kitchen gardens. Eco Santulan has many options that can help you get started with this. All in all, segregating your waste leads to a vast reduction in the amount of waste that finally makes its way to the monstrous landfills seen on the outskirts of every Indian city, like Deonar, Ghazipur, Dhapa, and many others.

If you already follow some of these tips, kudos! We need more people like you! And the best way to develop a more environmentally conscious country is to share these tips with as many friends and family members as possible. Who knows, you may help someone learn something new in the process!

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