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Our expertise lies in creating end-to-end sustainability solutions that provide you a complete peace of mind. From planning and execution, to service and maintenance, our dedicated team makes sure that your investment is not only benefiting the environment, but also giving you the benefits you expect.

Current Solutions

Organic Waste Solutions

Turn your biggest source of waste into one of your biggest resources. With the right solution, organic waste can provide you with pristine manure, fuel and electricity, while reducing the load on our landfills tremendously. 

With customized solutions for users ranging from individuals to smart societies, we empower you to use this resource for your benefit and do your part for a cleaner, greener India.

Organic Waste

Waste Management Solutions

With effective waste management, it is easier to recover, recycle and reuse the various resources such as paper, plastic, metal, glass, that are part of our daily waste. Segregated waste is a precious resource, helping you turn your waste streams into income streams and switch to a better, sustainable lifestyle.

Contact us for customized waste management solutions for your housing society, industry or commercial space. 

Waste Management

Solar Rooftop Installations

A solar plant on your rooftop is a gold mine that is waiting to be exploited. With compelling returns on investment and support from government, you will be making profits while reducing your energy bills and your ecological footprint.

With turnkey solutions ranging from solar thermal systems to rooftop PV plants, we provide you with solutions that are best suited to your needs. 

Sewage Treatment Solutions

A decentralized sewage treatment plant comes with a host of benefits for you and the environment. Using your wastewater stream, STP can provide an abundant supply of clean water for gardening, cleaning and even for agriculture, all the while drastically reducing your water consumption.

We provide world-class, hygienic, and efficient sewage treatment solutions that can be installed completely underground, giving you an independent solution that also helps reduce your dependence on the city's overburdened sewerage system.

Sewage Treatment

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is one of our biggest sources of fresh natural water, and harnessing this resource is becoming increasingly important as we head towards acute water scarcity. 

A rainwater harvesting solution in your establishment is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reduce your water consumption, and bring back balance to the water table. We have always loved rain, let's starting valuing it the same way.

Rainwater Harvesting
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